April Wrap-Up

Welcome to my April Wrap-Up. I’ll take you through my most recent work, give an update on my 2021 reading list, and share other reflections on the past

I can’t believe April is over. It’s been a really busy and eventful month for me personally and professionally, though not in terms of art. I accepted a new day-job, so I spent a few weeks wrapping things up with my previous employer. Now, I am just getting ready to start my new role.

Recent Work

This month has been a bit of a creative bust since I’ve been more focused on my day job. Still, I released a new coloring page pack, which you can read more about in my last post, and you can download in my shop! I’m even giving away a free coloring page, which I encourage you to download and enjoy.

2021 Reading List Update

I am still moving along my 2021 reading list. I continued to read Harriet A. Washington’s Medical Apartheid, and I also finished Melissa Febos’ new release, Girlhood. Febos’ memoir, Abandon Me, is one of my favorites, so I had been looking forward to reading Girlhood. I received a copy of Kriota Willberg’s Draw Stronger: Self-Care for Cartoonists & Visual Artists for my birthday last month, and quickly read through it. I definitely recommend Draw Stronger for any artist! 

Oh! I also read Luke Pearson’s Hilda and the Black Hound. I love watching Hilda on Netflix (in Swedish to practice my listening skills), and reading the original series is even better. If anyone knows where to find copies of the Hilda series in Swedish in the US, please let me know!

April Reading Progress

Final Thoughts

I hope that within the next year, I will be able to participate more in the art community in Colorado, and perhaps exhibit at some local shows. I’m also planning to adventure into the mountains this summer so I can collect a new set of reference images. If there is anything in particular you’d like to read about on my blog in the next few months (interviews, more about my tools or process, etc.), please let me know!

Until next month,



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