“Eastern Utah” Process (with Video)

After taking short break, I’m back at it! Between my day job and freelance work, I haven’t had much energy or time to really work on art. However, I was able to sit down for a bit over the weekend and start a new piece.

I wanted to try out some Ampersand Aquabord I got over the holidays, and I thought it would be fun to use one of my recent little sketchbook drawings as a base. So, here we are! I started with a 5in.x5in. Aquabord and my old set of Artist Loft watercolors.

I laid down some color and let it dry for a few hours before I started to ink over the top. I forgot to film the painting process - oops! I have a picture of the piece after finishing the watercolor, though.

Eastern Utah | Watercolor Layer Step

Once dried, I started to ink (and film!). The Aquabord has quite a toothy texture. It was a bit rough on my fine line markers, so I may have to find a better pen to use next time (or use older pens that I am less concerned about wrecking the nib). Still, I really liked the way the ink held up on top of the watercolor.

If you want to watch the entire inking process, check out this timelapse!

Overall, I’m really pleased with how this turned out. I think the Aquabord is a nice alternative to watercolor paper for pieces I plan to sell. The panel is rigid, so it feels sturdy, and I think some people will enjoy the texture.


Finished piece!

Interested in this piece? It’s currently available in my shop. Over the next few months, I’m planning to create more pieces like this one and, hopefully, start to work larger!

Until then, 


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