March Wrap-Up

Welcome to my March Wrap-Up! I’ll take you through my most recent work, give an update on my 2021 reading list, and share other reflections on the past month.

March really went by in a flash. I was lucky enough to be vaccinated for Covid, took on a few freelance projects, and had a birthday. We also saw a huge storm here in Colorado, with about 18 inches of snow where I live!

Snowy morning in Colorado.

Recent Work:

In March, I continued my small sketchbook studies, and this time, I used it as a reference point for a more finished piece. I started with a small sketch of a view off of i70 in Utah, heading east from Grand Junction, Colorado. This is a trip that I’ve taken many times over the years on my way to visit family in Nevada and California. I always love stopping to take in the desert views.

“View in Utah” Sketch

After completing this sketch, I wanted to see how it would look a bit bigger and with some color. So, I brought out an Aquabord, some watercolors, and then some Prismacolor fine line markers. I documented this process and filmed a bit of it, which you can check out in a previous post. Eastern Utah in Watercolor is now available in my shop.

Eastern Utah in Watercolor & Ink

I also started working on some landscape-themed coloring pages, which I hope to release later this year. However, I’m not quite ready to share a sneak peek of those yet.

Finally, I got around to varnishing some oil paintings. I had been waiting to get a new varnishing brush, because the brush I was using started to shed a lot. So, I was able to varnish Autumn Haze, my portrait of Anne Lister, and The Spirits. I filmed all of these videos, since I know some people really enjoy watching varnish work its magic. You can watch me varnish The Spirits in the video below, and I’ll be posting more on my Youtube channel soon.

2021 Reading List Update:

In March, I kept working through my 2021 reading list. I continued to read Harriet A. Washington’s Medical Apartheid. I also read Cath Caldwell’s Graphic Design for Everyone, Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo’s Teen Titans: Beast Boy, and The Legend of Korra: Ruins of Empire Part Two. It was really nice to read some comics, and I’m hoping to read a lot more in the coming months. I’d really like to finish The Legend of Korra and catch up on Sera and the Royal Stars.

Final thoughts:

All in all, it was a pretty good month, and I’m really excited for what April has to offer. I am planning to start some larger paintings, continue working on coloring pages, and share more content here on my blog.

Until next time,


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