Mesa County Comic Con 2018

Greetings! It has been far too long since my last post. Well, the summer was quite busy, and time just got away from me, I suppose. Anyway, I am back and here to share my experience at the Mesa County Libraries’ Comic Con on October 6, 2018.

I was honored to speak on a panel this year, thanks to my lovely friend Mary of Mec-Canic. Join by Mary, author Jorgan Bean, and Mass Communications Instructor Elaine Venter, we discussed LGBTQ+ Representation in Pop Culture. Specifically, we touched on issues of queer baiting, positive representation, areas for improvement, and our own personal experiences of coming out alongside queer representation in the media (shout-out to Xena: Warrior Princess!).

Weren’t able to visit us at the con? No problem! I was able to record the panel, and you can now watch it online anytime. Enjoy!

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