My Reading List for 2021

I love to read. I always have; though some years I read more than others. 2019 was a highly productive year in terms of the number of titles I read. 2020? Not so much. Despite having more time at home, and fewer activities to keep me occupied, I couldn’t bring myself to read. Partly because the libraries were closed, partly because I don’t like reading on my iPad, and partly because I just didn’t have the energy.

In 2021, I want this to change. I want to read more history (especially books on the history of medicine), more memoirs, and more graphic novels. So, I’ve compiled a list of titles to get started.

I keep running lists of all the books I have read, by year, in a journal.

I’ll update this post over the year as I finish books and hopefully add more titles to the list. Are there any books that you’re looking forward to this year? Let me know what else I should add!

Stay safe, everyone!

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