New Arrival: In the Forest

Greetings, all. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been fighting against creative drain yesterday. I’m someone who works traditionally as well as digitally. Over the past few years, I’ve worked almost exclusively with Procreate on a first or second generation iPad Pro. While I love the flexibility it gives me to be precise, to work at higher resolutions, and to experiment with more textures and effects through the brushes and layers, I work much more slowly and sometimes I think I lose some of the expressiveness I can achieve when I work traditionally. Does anyone else experience this?

In any case, I recently began a new piece in Procreate. Since I’ve mostly been painting small watercolor landscapes lately, I wanted to dip back into digital illustration. So, over the course of a few days, I started working on In the Forest.

In the Forest is a re-interpretation of an old image of two of my childhood friends, Siobhan and Justine. I wanted to take that image and give it the darker, more moody quality I enjoy in my digital work. I developed a background with more contrast than the fuzzy mass of leaves in the original photo.

Later, I had to make a choice about color. This is always a difficult part of the process for me. I don’t feel I have the strongest grasp of color theory, though I have a good sense of what palettes appeal to my own eye. That said, I love black and white work, and monochrome pieces. Whenever I start a digital piece, I go back and forth over whether to add color, or to push the existing values instead. For this piece, I opted for color, albeit a muted palette.

I’m pretty proud of this piece, and I was thankful to find that Siobhan and Justine enjoyed it as well. If you like this piece, you can get it on INPRNT! I have made In the Forest available as a print and greeting card. Through August 6, 2020, you can even get 10% off any order over $15 in my INPRNT shop with code 6WK2CW0!

I hope you stay safe and well,


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