New Year, New Gear

Happy New Year, everyone!

2020 was not a very productive year for me, creatively, but I’m okay with that. I worked remotely full-time, stayed home, and in my spare time, focused on more relaxing hobbies.  Unfortunately, along with 2020 came intense hand pain whenever I write, draw, or paint. Despite taking frequent breaks and doing hand stretches regularly, it is painful to even write a grocery list.

In 2021, I would like to make more art, but I also want to protect my hands. I’ll keep stretching and taking breaks, but I’m also looking out for product that will help my hands as I work. Check out what I found below, as well as some other fun supplies that I’m eager to try!

First up, I got these Tranesca Ergonomic Grip holders for my Apple Pencil! They come in a three-pack, so I put one on my Apple Pencil, and one on my GraphGear1000 mechanical pencil. I tend to grip my pencils very hard, and I have noticed that, so far, these grips have helped reduce pain when I write. I have a few shark shaped pencil grips for kids, but these Tranesca grips are thicker - so far I like them a lot more.

The only downside to these Tranesca grips so far has been that dust clings to them.

Next, I put a Paperfeel film on my iPad Pro (first gen, 12.9in). I’ve only done a brief sketch in Procreate to test the film, but I do think it lends to a more pleasant drawing experience. 

Finally, I received some fun goodies over the holidays that I can’t wait to put to good use:

  • A set of Ampersand Flat Panel Gessobords: Over the course of my oil painting journey, these panels from Ampersand have become my favorite surface to paint on.
  • Princeton Select Brush Set #20: I’ve grown fond of these brushes from Princeton Select for oil painting. They don’t shed, they’ve been sturdy, and they are more affordable than some other brands.
  • A Strathmore Mixed Media Softcover Art Journal: I typically draw and sketch in Moleskine Art and Watercolor Journals. However, I used a Strathmore drawing soft cover art journal to thumbnail some comic ideas last year, and I really enjoyed it. I’m hoping the Mixed Media version will be nice for inking, since I don’t love the Moleskine journals as much for ink.

Are there any art supplies or tools that you are eager to try this year? If so, let me know! I’d love to hear from you.


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