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Do you like my work? Do you want to help support me in continuing to create new illustrations and paintings in the future? Then, please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi!

  • What is Ko-Fi?  Ko-Fi is a platform that allows you to buy creators a virtual “coffee,” or a tip, without taking any cut from the artist.
  • How does Ko-Fi help Søren Gray Studios?  Tips allow me to purchase new supplies or to help save for other items (like cameras or more powerful equipment) so that I can better document and share my creative process. Ultimately, it’s a great way for you to show that you appreciate my work and want me to keep going.
  • How do I start?  Visit my profile on Ko-Fi and click the red “Support” button.

Want to support my work in other ways? Consider buying an original piece from my online store or a print from my shop on INPRNT.

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