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  1. 2018: Year in Review

    11 Dec 2018

    Hello, friends! It’s December, already. Hard to believe! It’s also been a while since I last wrote something here. To be honest, November was a tough month. The winter darkness coincided with the return of my depression. It’s been hard to find motivation to write, to draw, to do more…

  2. 7 Creative Objectives for 2018

    07 Feb 2018

    Greetings, friends Back in January, I shared a list of books I hope to read in 2018 (I’ve finished most of them already, so please send recommendations). Reading more consistently is just one of the intentions I set for the new year. So far, I have been doing well in…

  3. My 2018 Reading List: 11 Books for Creative and Personal Growth

    01 Jan 2018

    Happy New Year I’ve never been one to make resolutions or set too many expectations around the New Year. This year, however, things are different. I have plans and goals, and I am determined to grow both personally and professionally in 2018. One of my intentions for the year is…

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